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Exploration for new deposits, geological and structural mapping feasibility studies, calculations of pit mines and mine dumps, geotechnical and slope stability assessments, monitoring and compliance, emergency management, reclamation management, geochange analysis, illegal mining.

Subsidence Monitoring

The Tailings Management System (TMS), in accordance with the UNEP Global Industry Standards on Tailings Management, focuses on the safe operation and management of the tailings facilitiy throughout its life cycle. A few of the TMS elements include establishing policies, conducting performance evaluations and risk assessments, and establishing and implementing controls for risk management.
Subsidence monitoring offers mining corporations a different perspective on the operation and management of tailings facilities. Using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data collected from satellites and very specialised processing techniques, millimetric ground movements are provided to indicate the stability of the tailings facilities. The information provided enables decision makers to act immediately to mitigate any risks to life and infrastructure.

Encroachment Monitoring

The UNEP Global Industry Standards on Tailings Management requires that Mining corporations demonstrate respect for human rights in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP), conduct human rights due diligence to inform management decisions throughout the tailings facility lifecycle and address the human rights risk of tailings facilities credible failure scenarios.
GEO Data Design offers an encroachment monitoring solution that allows users to monitor human encroachment, ensuring community safety. Coupled with Subsidence Monitoring, decision makers are able to act immediately to mitigate any risks to life and infrastructure.

Environmental Monitoring

The South African Minerals and Mining Policy implemented measures for the effective management of water, soil and atmospheric pollution. Consequences of mining activities can be catastrophic and result in highly toxic process water and high potential for acid rock drainage. Though restoration may be possible, these consequences will have long-term effects on the environment and surrounding communities.
Smart monitoring and reporting allows for this effective management. Our environmental monitoring solution can incorporate measurements, geo-location and visualise the readings, allowing timely mitigation decisions to avoid threats to the environment and nearby communities.