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Satellite Imagery
Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery

GEO Data Design distributes Maxar’s Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery and Satellite derived data.

Maxar’s sub-Meter pixel resolution satellite imagery is provided as either 1, 3, 4, 8 and/or 16 bands – processed level: ortho-ready, orthorectified and same pass stereo pairs. This variation of satellite imagery solutions allows us to provide you with the perfect mixture of spatial and spectral resolution to fit your needs.

Very High Resolution

GEO Data Design offers the full range of high resolution satellite imagery from Maxar that can image anywhere on earth for seamless integration with user applications.

We provide data from the following Sensors:

  • GeoEye-1
  • WordView-1
  • WordView-2
  • WordView-3
  • QuickBird

Archive Imagery

Our satellite imagery providers have archive imagery of billions of square kilometers. 

The Maxar archive contains several billion km² of high quality imagery, both current and historical.

Archive imagery may have a percentage of known cloud cover and be taken at a specific time in history.

GEO Data Design will assist you in finding the best archive imagery to suit your needs.

New Tasking

Creating a new tasking is the best way of ensuring the client receive imagery to suit the specific needs however timing will depend on area and local weather.

On-demand new tasking of areas requiring the most recent imagery.

A new tasking is an on–demand service whereby clients define a custom area and product. GEO Data Designs knowledgeable and experienced team will gladly assist in product selection to best suite the customer needs

“A picture is worth a thousand words. A satellite image is worth a million dollars.”

Geo change analytics solution based on very
high-resolution satellite imagery focused on
detecting changes around your assets.